What is Romagna Osteria?
Romagna Osteria is a Visit Romagna project, in collaboration with Brigata del Diavolo Association, that groups the territory’s best chefs in itinerant brigades that bring their know-how and flavours to magical sites in Romagna, to raise awareness of them and ensure they are experienced and savoured thanks to their cuisine.

From Rimini to Ravenna, from Cesena to Riccione, from Torriana to Modigliana, as far as Cesenatico: Romagna Osteria reopens its doors between May 2019 and May 2020 to offer a 12-month-long journey of the senses through the most beautiful landscapes worthy of being promoted, but also to those that are protected, hidden and silent. Landscapes that Romagna Osteria not only aims to narrate, but also to preserve, with an ever-increasing focus on the environment: in fact, single-use plastic is banned from all dinners, a decision that targets the “Romagna Plastic Free 2023” objective, in virtue of the protocol drafted with the Basta Plastica in Mare Association that promotes a plastic-free sea.

Romagna Osteria is a project by Visit Romagna that develops strategic drivers of the Food Valley, Via Emilia Experience and Romagna Food and draws inspiration from the manifesto of the visionary chefs of Brigata del Diavolo Association under the guidance of its founder, Fausto Fratti. The brigade, whose numbers have increased further this year, was born of the common desire to give new lifeblood to cuisine, to create opportunities to meet, discover places, have fun and develop culture in the space we inhabit and which belongs to us. To succeed, they leave the restaurants and take their professionalism out into the territory, casting seeds of curiosity and interest in the villages, cities and castles of Romagna: not simple culinary evenings-events, but real “journeys of the senses” that become the driving force for tourism packages targeting the Italian and international markets.