Romagna Osteria was created to generate experiences that combine cuisine, culture and territory in a magical land like Romagna: this is a land of sea and hills, of ancient cities and delightful villages, of lively piazzas and isolated woods. These are experiences guided by the most talented and knowledgeable chefs, who are great experts on the territory and the ingredients it can offer to those who deserve them.

What better partner for Romagna Osteria than MINI, through the iFoodies project?

iFoodies powered by MINI is an app with more than 3,000 farms, from the north to the south of Italy. A list of good food artisans that, as well as producing food, sell directly to the public, in line with the “locally-sourced” concept adopted by Slow Food.

These farms work in respect of quality and in most cases, follow an eco-sustainable production chain: vinegar, meats and cold cuts, cereals and pulses, chocolate, preserves, cakes and desserts, cheeses and dairy products, honey, extra-virgin olive oil, bread, pasta and wines and liqueurs.

MINI also stands with the caravan of visionary chefs, from shopping for the best products on the territory, through to organisation of the event itself in the most magical and delightful venues in Romagna.