The manifesto of the visionary chefs

The initiative of this group of chefs comes from two loves that accompany them and bring them together: cuisine and landscape. They love the most fascinating and stimulating expressions of both, wherever there is something to discover, narrate and communicate. Colours, silences, magical places, the aroma of food, the talent of producers, the beauty of certain villages, views, buildings and panoramas, the uniqueness of the land, its products and history, the culture of those who live there or have lived there in the past, its most famous or lesser-known artistic creations, its views of the sea and the hybrid nature of its food traditions, that combine the sea and the countryside.
That is why, we have decided to leave our restaurants and put ourselves at the service of an itinerant project that takes cookery to unique and charming places full of poetry, spirituality, history and beauty. In the geography we are about to describe, we would like to open up different spaces – from churches to houses in small hamlets, theatres to monasteries, historical buildings to fishing boats – wherever food can become a vehicle for curiosity, interest, surprise and know-how.
It is an almost secret, less noisy and less frivolous side of our territory that we would like others to discover and appreciate, bringing and exporting a blend of food and beauty, quality cuisine and environmental value. We have left our private environments and created a team, a group of chefs and professionals that has become a mouthpiece for the shared goal of working with mayors, administrators and public and private-sector bodies that are focusing in this direction.

Compared to the many discussions of the past on integration between territories that were often poorly planned or resulted in merely sporadic initiatives, there are two new aspects here:

  1. the field is narrower and a precise area of action has been identified, as mentioned, food and landscape;
  2. there is a new subject, a group of chefs willing to do their best and make sure the facts and experiences speak for themselves, moving as a single body with a shared language to dialogue with all the active and proactive realities driving innovative ideas and projects.

The benefits of this project are clear:

  1. broadening the tourism offer, focusing on that particular segment of people attracted by the pairing of cuisine/culture, with a programme of initiatives that are not isolated;
  2. characterising the image of our cuisine as open and permeable to all that is new and promoting and raising awareness of it.

After years of inertia and lethargy, Romagna is changing, it is abuzz with activities and significant structural and architectural works are changing the face of the city: we believe it is time to sew fertile seeds that can grow in the future. As citizens and professionals, thanks to our platform we hope to contribute our know-how to support this transformation.